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Dedicated to fostering engaging,

learner-centered musical experiences

for students of varying abilities and ages.

  • Hochstein Youth Symphony Orchestra (HYSO)

  • Hochstein Philharmonia

  • 2022 NYSSMA Zone 2 Area All-State

  • 2021 NYSBDA Virtual All-State Honor Band 

  • 2018 NYSSMA All-State Jr. High School Orchestra Clarinetist

  • Monroe County (MCSMA) Honor Ensembles

  • Healthy technique for the developing instrumentalist

  • Youth Symphony & College Auditions

  • Chamber Ensemble Coaching

  • Adapting repertoire for unique learning needs

  • Music Reading

  • Adult Beginners

  • Solo Festival Preparation

  • Improvisation

  • Arranging & Music Notation Software

  • Music Theory


"Punctual, dedicated, patient and compassionate.

Couldn't recommend Kristina more, especially for children.

Great instructor all around!"

Rami A. - Chicago, IL

"When I suddenly decided to take up the clarinet rather late in life, I read through the bios of the ECMS instructors very carefully. Kristina's emphasized her passion for "meeting students where they are," and I thought "that's the person for me." As we approach four years of weekly instruction, she has demonstrated that mindset in each and every lesson; not to mention being endlessly patient with having to repeat most of her guidance dozens (if not hundreds!) of times. I am so impressed with how she can go from teaching young children to ancient adults like myself, and seemingly effortlessly become exactly the right instructor in either situation.

Under Kristina, my interest in the clarinet has become a wholehearted passion that brings endless joy to my life. It is so rare to find a teacher who brings both superb technique and a great personality to the lesson, and I feel incredibly lucky to have her as my guide in the wonderful world of the clarinet!"

Suzanne B. - Rochester, NY

"My lessons with Kristina have generated the greatest difference in my playing.  She taught me to read not just the notes in a piece, but the character and style.  In working with Kristina, I've learned not just to play a composition,

but to create something that is my own."

Cayla W. - Rochester, NY

"Kristina's vast knowledge of the clarinet is evident and her passion for music is contagious. Working with Kristina has given me a far greater understanding and appreciation for the clarinet and music in general."

Brenna A. - Rochester, NY

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