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Lessons are scheduled in allotted times of 45 or 60 minutes. Advanced students are highly encouraged to take hour lessons.

Your lesson fees reserves your weekly time slot in my teaching schedule.


A mutually agreed upon lesson time will be scheduled prior to your first lesson, and confirmed if any reoccurring scheduling adjustments need to be made by the end of the first lesson. 




Lessons are scheduled on a quarterly basis and invoices are made and emailed before the quarter begins. If a change in the student’s or instructor’s schedule arises, a new lesson time will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time pending the instructor’s availability.  I reserve and protect students’ lesson times in my calendar, and expect the same respect of time from students.


Because I am both an educator and performer, I may have conflicts with scheduled lesson times due to performance engagements.  If this is the case, I will reschedule and provide as much advanced notice as possible.




A last minute cancellation is a loss to us both!


I understand that unexpected events occur – such is life!  The below concise and clear policies are to protect all parties in the pursuit of music learning.


  1. A minimum of 48 hours notice for a lesson cancellation is required.  An email is expected to reschedule any lesson cancellation to be eligible for a make-up lesson. 

  2. If notice less than 48 hours is provided, the lesson tuition will be charged, and a make-up lesson will not be granted. This policy is designed to keep the student from delaying their musical experience on a whim, and to protect my reserved designated time investment in my students.

  3. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your lesson time, or for in-home lessons be set up and ready to learn.  Feel free to grab a seat on the closest bench, take time for yourself, study/listen to music, or begin setting up your instrument. Having a few minutes before your lesson will help settle your mind and transition into a musical learning experience.

  4. If the student is late, the lesson will conclude at the scheduled time.  If the teacher is running late the full lesson time will be conducted

  5. Tardiness exceeding 15 minutes without communication regarding status of arrival will be deemed a “no show” and billed for the lesson.


For anticipated lesson conflicts, as much prior notice as possible is appreciated in order to offer maximum amount of lesson reschedule flexibility.

See: “Make-Up Lesson Protocol”



  • Cancellations made with more than 48 hours notice may be rescheduled as a make-up lesson at a mutually agreed upon time. 

  • Make-up lessons must be scheduled to take place before the end of the quarter/month and will not be rolled over to the following billing period unless extraneous circumstances exist.

  • Make-up lessons cannot be rescheduled. If the designated make-up lesson is cancelled by the student, it will be forfeited.



  • Any lesson the instructor cancels will be made-up



  • Lessons may be rescheduled for hazardous driving conditions due to inclement weather.  The teacher follows RCSD school closures



Monthly/quarterly invoice balances must be paid prior or at the time of the first lesson. More than one unpaid lesson will result in the suspension of lessons.


Lesson fees can be paid via Venmo, Zelle QuickPay, check or cash. If paying with check, please write legibly with black or blue ink




  • Clarinet

  • 4 reeds in a reed case

  • assigned music

  • pencil

  • lesson notebook

  • folder for handouts, notes and music copies

  • blank staff paper

  • Metronome (or app)




  1. Lessons being conducted in the student’s home are best suited in a common area such as a study, living room, or dining room removed from distractions. 

  2. For the comfort of the student and instructor, an adult guardian must be present in the home during the student’s lessons


Additional Required Materials for In-Home Lessons:

  • two chairs (armless is preferred)

  • one music stand




Communication regarding the students’ progress and needs are highly encouraged!  For non-urgent related communication please email the teacher.


Conversations regarding equipment, scheduling, and/or payment may be cut short at the conclusion of the students’ lesson pending the instructor’s teaching schedule. The instructor is always more than happy to continue correspondence via email.




Opportunities to participate in formal and informal celebrations of students’ learning and musical growth will be announced on a seasonal basis.



Content and resources are available on my website and are actively being added: by clicking the “STUDENT PORTAL” button on the upper right. Students and parents are given an access code to the Student Portal.


Last updated 7 April 2018 

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